2021-01-14 DevLog

Heaven's Disciples Status Website

Develop a website uptime monitoring application on Google Sites using Google Apps Script for Heaven's Disciples websites. [Work in Progress]

  • Learn Google Apps Script. [Work in Progress]
  • Create the Heaven's Disciples Status website on Google Sites. [Work in Progress]
    • Add the Heaven's Disciples HD logo to the website. [Completed]
    • Create a PNG version of the Heaven's Disciples HD favicon ICO file and add it to the website. [Completed]

Business Contracts and Online Document Signing

Research Adobe Sign and alternative document signing solutions. [Completed]

Learn about Adobe Sign and related technologies. [Work in Progress]

Research WordPress plugins for online document signing. [Work in Progress]

Mechanical and Performance Licensing and Royalties

Research mechanical and performance licensing and royalty rates. [Work in Progress]

The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC)

  • Research The MLC. [Work in Progress]

Develop a PC Video Game on Unreal Engine

Start the development of a PC video game for Heaven's Disciples Games in Unreal Engine 4.6. [Completed]

Create the prototype of the landscape heightmap in Adobe Photoshop CC. [Completed]

Convert the prototype heightmap into a terrain heightmap with erosion in World Machine. [Completed]

Import the heightmap into Unreal Engine as an 8.129 x 8.129 km (66.08 km²) landscape. [Completed]

Add an ocean over the landscape to create islands on the map. [Completed]

The smallest island from the Oceana Islands PC video game currently under development.
The island chain from the Oceana Islands PC video game currently under development.