Rodney Burutsa is the Founder and President of Heaven's Disciples®, a multimedia entertainment company featuring music, bookscomicsfilmsgames, merchandise, and clothing.

Rodney Burutsa is the Founder and President of Heaven's Disciples®, a multimedia entertainment company featuring music, bookscomicsfilmsgames, merchandise, and clothing.

OpenJDK Through Zulu Community by Azul


The views expressed on this site are my own and do not reflect the views of Oracle Corporation, a company that I am an employee of at the time of writing this blog post.

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Commercial Use of Java

A few months ago, I received a Java update message with a commercial use licensing message. Starting January 2019, Oracle no longer issues public updates for commercial users of Java SE 8, ending free updates for commercial use. Oracle has moved Java SE to a subscription-based licensing model. The Oracle Java license changed for releases starting April 16, 2019.

Oracle OpenJDK

At the time, I was using Oracle JDK (Java SE Development Kit) 8 to develop proprietary software for my business, Heaven's Disciples. However, Oracle does provide OpenJDK, which is free to use under the Open Source (GPLv2+CE) license.

Various organizations and companies provide OpenJDK builds and binary distributions, including AdoptOpenJDK, Amazon Corretto, Azul Zulu Community, BellSoft Liberica JDK, IBM OpenJDK, jClarity, Red Hat OpenJDK, SAP SapMachine, and others.

Zulu Community by Azul

I have chosen to go with Zulu Community, an OpenJDK build by Azul Systems that is TCK-tested and free to download and use without restrictions.

I plan on installing OpenJFX, the free version of JavaFX, through the Zulu Community downloads as well.

OpenJDK and Heaven's Disciples Java Software

After installing OpenJDK 12, I was able to run my proprietary Java software programs, including World Engine, a Space Engine planetary system editor. for Heaven's Disciples Games

I've created an Open Beta account at for Heaven's Disciples Games. is an online software that allows game developers to create an interactive flowchart to create game designs and run the simulations. This is an innovative tool to create and test game mechanics. Features

This cloud-based software has templates of prebuilt diagrams to test game mechanics and components.

There is an Interactive Run for live simulations and a Quick Run for fast forward simulations. There is an Execution Chart for diagrams that plots values for the simulations. Information

For more information, see the following resources:

Suggestions for

A feature I would like to see for is an API.

Once a revenue model has been created, I would also like to see an affiliate program for

Heaven's Disciples Wear White Leather Background

I've set a white leather background for the Heaven's Disciples Wear website to match the clothing theme.

In the future, I'll develop a WordPress theme feature that will use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to allow website visitors to choose a dark website color scheme.

Website Header Widgets in the WordPress Theme

I've updated the Heaven's Disciples WordPress theme to include widgets in the website header area.

There is an optional top widget area that spans the width of the website content area. Beneath the top widget area are 3 optional widget areas as well.

I've also set up a workflow for automatically deploying the WordPress theme to all Heaven's Disciples websites automatically, whenever I successfully test a new build in the lab environments.

Heaven's Disciples Labs Patreon

I've created and launched the Heaven's Disciples Labs Patreon page.

Heaven's Disciples

Heaven's Disciples is a digital arts and multimedia entertainment brand featuring musicbookscomicsfilmsgamesmerchandise, and clothing.

Heaven's Disciples was founded by entrepreneur and creative Rodney Burutsa.

Heaven's Disciples Labs

Heaven's Disciples Labs is where all of the work and discoveries happen: product design, research and development, and world building.

Digital Arts and Multimedia Entertainment

My dream and passion is world building and creating a meaningful space opera, along with storytelling through various forms of multimedia. We produce and record music and soundtracks, I'm writing novels, I'm creating comic books, we plan on filmmaking, I'm developing games, I am creating merchandise, and I'm designing clothing, all based on this space opera.

Heaven's Disciples Labs Patrons

All of our work in digital arts and multimedia entertainment is done in the spirit of creativity and encouragement. This is the place where our community can support our ambitious work. With your support, we will take you on this journey of world building, artistic creation, and multimedia entertainment.