Atlantica Islands

Atlantica Islands

  • Atlantica Islands are islands based on Earth, the remnants of the Atlantica continent that laid between Africa and South America before sinking in the Great Flood. Angels created cosmic gates on these hidden islands to send plants and animals to the Atlantica System in the Atlantica Galaxy.
  • The Atlantica Islands game will be added to the Atlantica Worlds game very soon.
  • The map for the islands is 8 km x 8 km.

Atlantica Islands by Heaven's Disciples Games

Aurora Starship Controls and Gravity [Atlantica Galaxy]

Aurora Starship

  • I've developed the Aurora Starship controls and gravity volume.
  • The interstellar spacecraft has 6 degrees of freedom, flight controls for pitch, roll, and yaw, and localized gravity.
  • I still have some character and pawn movement, and planetary and lunar gravity bugs to fix.

Aurora Starship Controls and Gravity [Atlantica Galaxy] by Heaven's Disciples Games