Atlantica Worlds DevLog 2023-01-21

Atlantica Worlds

  • Atlantica Worlds is an open world space game based on a fictional planetary system being built by a solo developer in Unreal Engine 5.1.

Atlantica Worlds DevLog 2023-01-21 by Heaven's Disciples Games

Planet Hadea – Part 1 [UE 5.1]

Planet Hadea

  • I've added lava sound effects and reshaped the terrain so Planet Hadea is no longer composed of small islands.
  • Planet Hadea now has a scorched landscape with lava lakes, pools, and puddles.

Planet Hadea – Part 1 [UE 5.1] by Heaven's Disciples Games

Ice Giant Planet Cyberia Update – Part 1 [UE4]

Ice Giant Planet Cyberia

  • I'm updating the ice giant planet Cyberia in the Atlantica System.

Ice Giant Planet Cyberia Update – Part 1 [UE4] by Heaven's Disciples Games

2020-10-22 DevLog

Atlantica Worlds

Create Orbital Space Stations in Space Engine

Create a space station in orbit around Volusia Moon. [Completed]

  • Export a space station from Daz Studio. [Completed]
  • Triangulate the space station mesh in Blender. [Completed]
  • Troubleshoot the missing textures in Space Engine. [Completed]

Create and Publish the Space Station Video

Create and publish the YouTube video:

  • "The ISA Horizon Space Station Orbiting Volusia Moon in the Atlantica System"