Planet Hadea 360 Video Test 1

YouTube Video
Planet Hadea 360 Video Test 1

I'm currently experimenting with video game engines, virtual reality, and 360 videos at Heaven's Disciples Labs. This video is of Planet Hadea, the closest planet to the Atlantica Sun in the Atlantica System. The following video was rendered using images of one of the planets I created using Space Engine, a game engine.

360 Video Test Results

I've tested the 360 video on YouTube using PSVR.

The camera is too close to the planet.

There's a thin black line that splits the back of the image.

The resolution will also need to be enhanced to 4K for future 360 videos.

The New, Ash Gray, Planet Hadea

The new design for Planet Hadea, in the Atlantica System of the Heaven's Disciples Universe, now has an ash gray biome palette with a lot of volcanic activity.

The previous design was a volcanic red one. I think the gray design looks much nicer for this scorched world. I'm still working on the design and will be adding more gray to the white areas of the planet.