Heaven's Disciples Labs Patreon

I've created and launched the Heaven's Disciples Labs Patreon page.

Heaven's Disciples

Heaven's Disciples is a digital arts and multimedia entertainment brand featuring musicbookscomicsfilmsgamesmerchandise, and clothing.

Heaven's Disciples was founded by entrepreneur and creative Rodney Burutsa.

Heaven's Disciples Labs

Heaven's Disciples Labs is where all of the work and discoveries happen: product design, research and development, and world building.

Digital Arts and Multimedia Entertainment

My dream and passion is world building and creating a meaningful space opera, along with storytelling through various forms of multimedia. We produce and record music and soundtracks, I'm writing novels, I'm creating comic books, we plan on filmmaking, I'm developing games, I am creating merchandise, and I'm designing clothing, all based on this space opera.

Heaven's Disciples Labs Patrons

All of our work in digital arts and multimedia entertainment is done in the spirit of creativity and encouragement. This is the place where our community can support our ambitious work. With your support, we will take you on this journey of world building, artistic creation, and multimedia entertainment.