2020-06-27 DevLog

Add MySQL Connections for Heaven's Disciples WordPress Websites to MySQL Workbench

  • Download and install MySQL Workbench. [Completed]
  • Learn how to use the MySQL Workbench software. [Completed]
  • Add MySQL connections for all 65 Heaven's Disciples WordPress websites to MySQL Workbench. [Work in Progress]

Create the Heaven's Disciples Bible Website

  • Create the bible.heavensdisciples.com subdomain. [Completed]
  • Add a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate to the bible.heavensdisciples.com subdomain. [Completed]
  • Create the Heaven's Disciples Bible website using WordPress. [Completed]
  • Acquire the developer formats of the royalty-free World English Bible. [Completed]
    • BibleWorks import (VPL) + SQL
    • Microsoft Office Word 2003 XML
    • OSIS
    • USFX
    • USFM
    • XeTeX

Add Let's Encrypt SSL Certificates to All Heaven's Disciples Websites