2020-07-06 DevLog

Reset the MySQL Database Table Prefixes in phpMyAdmin for All 70 WordPress Websites

  • Reset the MySQL database table prefixes in phpMyAdmin for all 70 WordPress websites. [Completed]
  • Troubleshoot the administrative user login issue. [Completed]
    • Error resolution for the "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page." message. [Completed]
      • Create MySQL scripts to resolve all WordPress data source errors. [Completed]
      • Use MySQL Workbench run the MySQL stored procedures. [Completed]
      • Correct database table prefix data in the relevant WordPress database tables for all websites. [Completed]
  • Troubleshoot the Heaven's Disciples Codex connection to the WordPress websites. [Completed]
    • Create and run the MySQL scripts to update administrative user data. [Completed]

Update Heaven's Disciples Publishing Content on Various WordPress Websites

Create Digital Artwork for the Atlantica Worlds Space Opera