2020-07-29 DevLog

Complete the "Web Applications for Everybody Specialization" on Coursera

Review the WordPress 5.5 Release Candidate and Become a Beta Tester

  • Review the WordPress 5.5 Release Candidate. [Completed]
  • Become a WordPress Beta Tester. [Work in Progress]
    • Install the WordPress Beta Tester plugin on the Heaven's Disciples Test website.  [Completed]
    • Install the latest nightly build of WordPress 5.4.3 on the Heaven's Disciples Test Site[Completed]
    • Create the Heaven's Disciples Beta subdomain and website and install WordPress 5.5-RC1. [Planned]
      • Create the beta.heavensdisciples.com subdomain. [Completed]
      • Create the Heaven's Disciples Beta website using the WordPress 5.5-RC1 beta release candidate. [Completed]
      • Create, install, and set automated yearly renewal of the Let's Encrypt SSL/TLS certificates for the Heaven's Disciples Beta website. [Completed]
      • Configure the WordPress settings. [Completed]
      • Install and activate some of the WordPress Plugins. [Completed]
      • Set and test the Heaven's Disciples WordPress theme on WordPress 5.5-RC1. [Work in Progress]
      • Test the active WordPress plugins on WordPress 5.5-RC1. [Planned]

Research and Development for the Google Earth Studio Early Access Software