2020-08-02 DevLog

Heaven's Disciples WordPress Website Maintenance

Review the WordPress 5.5 Release Candidate and Become a Beta Tester

Bug Fix for the Heaven's Disciples WordPress Theme

  • Fix the PHP end of file code to resolve the shortcodes.php bug resulting in the error: "Notice: Use of undefined constant php – assumed 'php'". [Complete]
  • Deploy the Heaven's Disciples WordPress theme version with the bug fix. [Complete]
    • Redeploy the fix to WordPress websites that had the error "Installation failed(cURL error 6: getaddrinfo() thread failed to start )". [Complete]
  • Add the images directory and images for Web Hosting and Servers onto the WordPress theme. [Completed]

Update the Web Hosting and Servers Website

  • Add the missing images directory and images on Web Hosting and Servers[Completed]
    • Note: The images directory and images have now been added to the WordPress theme for future deployments.

Develop the Heaven's Disciples ERP Software

  • Build the MySQL database for the upcoming Heaven's Disciples ERP software in phpMyAdmin and MySQL Workbench. [Work in Progress]
    • Build the relational database schema. [Work in Progress]

Update the Heaven's Disciples Universe Website