2020-09-03 DevLog

Heaven's Disciples WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Software Update

Update from WordPress 5.5 to WordPress 5.5.1 on 70 websites. [Completed]

WordPress Plugin Updates

Update 2 WordPress plugins on 7 websites for a total of 7 plugin updates. [Completed]

Heaven's Disciples Labs

Update the Heaven's Disciples Labs website tagline. [Completed]

Update the HeavensLabs Twitter profile description and location. [Completed]

Heaven's Disciples Games

Heaven's Disciples Games Logo Reveal Video

Create a Heaven's Disciples Games logo reveal video in Adobe After Effects. [Work in Progress]

"TheIsand_2 Test 1 [Unreal Engine, World Machine]" Video

Create the "TheIsand_2 Test 1 [Unreal Engine, World Machine]" video in Adobe Premiere. [Work in Progress]

  • Create a terrain heightmap for the video game level in World Machine. [Completed]
  • Create a video game level for the island in Unreal Engine. [Work in Progress]
  • Record a video using OBS Studio. [Completed]
  • Record and edit narration audio using Adobe Audition. [Completed]
  • Edit the video in Adobe Premiere. [Work in Progress]

Software Updates

Adobe Creative Cloud Updates

Update Adobe CC applications. [Completed]

Add free Adobe Exchange extensions. [Completed]