2021-01-13 DevLog

Heaven's Disciples Codex

WordPress Plugin Updates

Update 3 WordPress plugins on 1 websites. [Completed]

Update 3 WordPress plugins on 69 websites. [Completed]

Create channel categories in the Heaven's Disciples Discord. [Completed]

Create channels for Heaven's Disciples, its divisions, and general Discord channels. [Completed]

Create member roles, including Patreon membership roles. [Completed]

Install the MEE6 Discord bot. [Completed]

Define the Patreon plans for Heaven's Disciples patrons. [Completed]

Integrate the Discord member roles with Patreon. [Completed]

Research mechanical and performance licensing and royalty rates. [Work in Progress]

Review Web Hosting and Servers downtime issue. [Completed]

  • Troubleshoot the MySQL Server service outage. [Completed]

Update the Site Uptime account settings for Heaven's Disciples. [Completed]

Develop a website uptime monitoring application on Google Sites using Google Apps Script for Heaven's Disciples websites. [Work in Progress]