Google Earth Studio Early Access

I've been invited by Google to the Google Earth Studio early access.

Google Earth Studio is a web-based animation tool for Google Earth imagery. It allows users to create and render videos using Google Earth.

I'll be using Google Earth Studio, through Heaven's Disciples Labs, to see how it can be used for world building, starting with its use in studying geography, topography, and city planning.

The image below is of downtown Cleveland, Ohio, that I captured from Google Earth Studio.

I'm going to create videos of cityscapes for inspiration in modeling 3D buildings and cities for my video game development.


The Insectasaurus is a blind chimerasaur, or chimera dinosaur, with DNA from a giganotosaurus and giant primeval insects. Although blind, an insectasaurus uses echolocation, like a bat, to navigate and has acutely heightened senses of smell and hearing.

Chimeras, in the Heaven's Disciples Universe, are modern and primeval animals infected with the chimeracyte virus. Chimeras and chimerasaurs can be found on numerous planetary and lunar worlds within the Atlantica System.


Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)


The following images are of the Tyrannosaurus rex, or T-rex, animals present in the Heaven's Disciples Universe, on the Tierra's (or Earth's) Atlantica Islands and in the Atlantica System worlds. One image is of an adult male T-rex and the other is a feathered juvenile T-rex.

According to Atlantican lore, before the Great Flood, God's angels created the stellargates, or Ark gates, on the Atlantica Islands to teleport prehistoric and modern animals onto the Atlantican planets that they terraformed in the Atlantica System. The planets that were terraformed were the worlds that orbit the Atlantica Sun from within the Atlantica Asteroid Belt, now belonging to the Atlantica Federation.

The Atlantica Federation created bioreserves to contain all primeval animals, including dinosaurs, on all Federation worlds.